For over 15 years, King Crimson's In The Court Of The Crimson King had sat in my record collection, not getting much play at all. Recently that changed and I particularly enjoy the centrepiece of the performance: Epitaph.

On the face of it, Epitaph would appear to be typical anti-war sentiment, particularly nuclear war, but the lavish use of the mellotron brings a much more epic dimension to this piece, spurring me on to consider a more fitting weapon that humanity's foolishness had brought into being.

Now, blackholes as deployable weapons is nothing new, but it was the idea of a blackhole with a twist that came to me. I imagined humanity losing control over its creation and being sucked in the gravity maw, where the entire sum of human consciousness somehow survives but is impossibly mixed up. No one can distinguish their own thoughts from others. Everyone who somehow survived spagettification would go mad in a timeless void.